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with Michael Seraphinoff

Macedonian Lit :: Michael Seraphinoff, PhD

MacedonianLit.com is dedicated to Macedonian literature, language, culture and history.

It features books translated or written by Michael Seraphinoff, PhD, and many additional resources: critical papers, personal papers and links to other resources of interest.

“I love the old stone walls and barns and houses and medieval fortresses and crumbled ancient palaces and temples. The donkeys and the little horses that pull weathered old wagons full of hay or grain. And sweet luscious melons, pears and plums, apricots and apples, and the thick juicy clusters of grapes, everywhere just waiting to be plucked from the vine. And the delicious daily bread, the cheese, yogurt and baked tomato, pepper, rice and bean dishes … the simple shared pleasures of the earth’s bounty.

“It falls to me and my kinfolk to enjoy those things, and particularly the literature of Macedonia, which I am compelled to translate and interpret and promote — a calling inspired by the land of my grandfather.”

                                                 — Michael Seraphinoff

Silyan the Stork
This Land We Do Not Give
Some Great Old Stories from the Old Country - Macedonia
The Legend of Kalesh Andja
Macedonian Gold