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Scholar. Translator. Author. Speaker.

I grew up with a burning curiosity to know all I could about the half of me that originated in the Balkans.”

As a young man in his early twenties, Michael Seraphinoff was immersed in Macedonian life during a seven-month stay in the Tetovo region of the Republic of Macedonia. He returned to the United States to earn a master’s degree in Slavic linguistics and a doctorate in Slavic languages and literature. He taught high school and college courses and translated for USAID programs.

Now in his sixties, he remains dedicated to the preservation of, and shared appreciation of, Macedonian arts and letters, history, culture and language. Michael is known nationally and abroad for his engaging presentations on these topics. Since that first life-changing trip to Macedonia, he has returned many times over the past three decades to the land of his grandfather.

Michael is currently Examiner Responsible for Macedonian Language and Literature programs for the International Baccalaureate Organization of Cardiff, Wales.

He has presented papers on Macedonian literature, history and culture at academic conferences in Toronto, Canada; Bloomington, Indiana; Columbus, Ohio; and several times in Skopje and Ohrid, Macedonia.

Michael’s published works include
The Nineteenth Century Macedonian Awakening: A Study of the Life and Works of Kiril Pejchinovich
(doctoral dissertation, published as a book by the University Press of America, 1996)

The Descendants of Alexander the Great of Macedon
(co-translation, book-length historical study, published by the literary association Grigor Prlichev, Sydney, 2004)

Kalesh Andja
(translation of a book by Stale Popov, published by the literary association Grigor Prlichev, Sydney, 2005)

Macedonian Gold
(original work, novel, published by literary association Grigor Prlichev, Sydney, 2005)

Some Great Old Stories from the Old Country — Macedonia
(translation of Macedonian folktales published by the literary association, Grigor Prlichev, Sydney, 2004)

This Land We Do Not Give
(a history of Macedonian resistance to foreign occupation co-authored with Chris Stefou, Nettle Hollow, Greenbank, 2008; available now)

Michael lives with his wife, Susan Prescott, on their self-described “version of a Macedonian peasant homestead on Whidbey Island, Washington.”

Michael and Susan's home, their self-described version of a Macedonian peasant homestead on Whidbey Island, Washington.
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