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Links :: About Macedonia

Canadian Macedonian Historical Society
a Toronto-based organization dedicated to the promotion of Macedonian history and culture in Canada, a source of valuable books and other cultural resources

Macedonian Human Rights Movement
a dedicated group of activists monitoring and lobbying to end discrimination against Macedonians in the neighboring Balkan states

Pollitecon Books
a Sydney-based publisher of works that advance Macedonian recognition and rights worldwide

United Macedonian Diaspora
the only Washington DC based group representing the interests and needs of Macedonians and Macedonian communities around the world

dedicated to more than the history and culture of the remarkable village from which it derives its name, it is also a source of broad and comprehensive studies of Macedonian history and culture

Macedonian News
an excellent site for daily news, links and articles on Macedonia

Zdruzenie za obnova i revitalizacija na Lesok i Lesockiot Manastir
a website dedicated to the organizing of restoration of the village and monastery of Leshok